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Mole Control Solutions in Ashford & the Kent Area

The general characteristics of the mole are a pointed snout, very large and rounded front feet with stout claws, and a short, bare tail. They have velvety fur which is greyish in colour and because of their subterranean lifestyle, eyes and ears are small and somewhat concealed by fur.

Moles create elaborate underground tunnels called runways which run at shallow and deep levels. The subsurface runways are where mounds and ridges show above ground. A nightmare for the keen gardener!

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Solutions For Problems With Moles In The Ashford, Kent Area

The tunnels moles dig in search of food are just below the surface and the digging of these tunnels severs plant roots and causes grass and other plants to decline. The soil excavated from these runways are deposited on the surface in the form of mounds of loose soil called mole hills. These can become a nightmare for you and your lawn, and it can seem that overnight your lawn can be ruined by numbers of molehills.

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