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Discreet Bird Deterrents in Ashford & the Kent Area

Discreet bird prevention systems can be the perfect option when eye-sore methods like netting and spiking are not feasible due to the type of building the birds are perching on. DB Bird Control have had the pleasure of doing bird proofing on listed buildings in London where it was essential that the methods were extremely discreet. Although these methods arenít always as effective as traditional systems, in the correct situation discreet solutions are the perfect solution.

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Bird Free ĎFire Gelí is a new method first introduced in 2011 that appears to birds that there is a fire, making them avoid the area. It is installed in small dishes, is nontoxic unobtrusive (unlike spikes or netting) and low maintenance.

Bird Free Optical Gel can be used to deter feral pigeons, lesser black-backed gulls, and other unwanted birds from building facilities and structures.

Bird Free Optical Deterrent Gel is oil-based, so is not affected by extremes of temperature, nor by wind, rain or snow. Herbal oils contained in the gel form a film that makes it waterproof and prevents evaporation and has proved completely effective in extreme weather conditions, such as torrential rain or high summer temperatures. If installed correctly, Bird Free Optical Deterrent Gel will provide at least two years protection against unwanted pest birds.

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